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Loscon 40 Schedule

FRI 13:00-14:00, Marquis 1: How Writers Write Like bricklaying and heart surgery, writing is work. You've got to put your butt in your chair and get those fingers moving making marks on paper. Or on the screen. And Hemingway worked standing up. Which is the point of the panel -- writers have different work habits. Some are morning people, others keep vampire hours. Some use the latest word processing and computers, others work in pencil-and-paper. We'll talk with a few successful sf/f writers about how they work. Todd McCaffrey, E.E. King, Amy Sterling Casil, John DeChancie, Shauna Roberts(m)

SAT 11:30-12:30, Chicago: The Soul of the New Machine: Software Complexity and the birth of Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is a goal of a great amount of research and development. It promises to either make our lives easier or enslave us all, or perhaps a bit of both. At some point, some endeavor to create Artificial Intelligence will succeed, and the machine will "wake-up" and become self-aware. Is this just a matter of a few more million or billions lines of code, sophisticated neural nets, or advanced hardware / software simulations of the human brain? Or is it something more emergent, out of the sheer complexity and resultant chaos of the ever growing Internet, Big Data analytics, and massive server farms, that AI will come to be? Is it possible that it has already happened, and we just don't know it yet? Lawrence M. Schoen, Michael Siladi (m), Timothy Cassidy-Curtis, Amy Sterling Casil

SAT 14:30-15:30, Chicago: Future of Publishing, The With the rise of e-publishing and self publishing, how is the publishing industery going to have to change? Amy Sterling Casil

SAT 16:00-17:00, Marquis 1: Future Food We live in a society where inexpensive transportation means bountiful tables. What happens if fuel prices rise? How will our society and our diet change? Can urban farming and hydroponics help? Mark Miner, E.E. King, Regina Franchi, Will Morton, Amy Sterling Casil, Richard Foss (m)

SAT 17:30-18:30, Chicago: Military SF How realistic is most of it. How and where to do your research, who does it best, and why people love this sub-genre. J. L. Doty, Todd McCaffrey (m), Regina Franchi, Amy Sterling Casil, Marta Savage

SUN 10:00-11:00, Marquis 2: Funding your project through kickstarter We have all heard about people using crowdsourced funding but how do you do it successfully. Listen to our panel of experienced kickstarters explain the basics. Annika O'Brien, Dennis Mallonee, Amy Sterling Casil, Rob Newport

SUN 13:00-14:00, Boston: Techno-Egalitarianism: Makers, 3D Printing, and the Inventions of the Crowd Anyone can draw, write, or carve a piece of wood. The end-result depends on imagination and talent, but the tools are simple. On the other hand, the invention of technologically complex items, incorporating complex shapes, systems of integrated circuits, and sophisticated software, has been largely out of reach for the average person. Not for lack of talent, but tools and resources. With 3D Printing, various electronics systems, for example Arduino and RaspberryPi, the culture of "Makers" is spreading. What's the biggest benefit of this new Techno-Egalitarian revolution? Phil Osborn, Amy Sterling Casil

SUN 14:30-15:30, Marquis 1: Using the Internet as a Weapon With the increase in online activity there has also been an increase in cyberstalking and bullying. Why does this happen and what can and is being done about it? Dennis Mallonee, Mark Miner, Amy Sterling Casil, Timothy Cassidy-Curtis (m)